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ARCHLOGBOOK was started by Gabriel Chek, a young Singaporean architectural designer, in June 2019.

Gabriel is an Architectural Designer based in Singapore who has 3 years of experience working in projects for schools, places of worship, worker dormitories, military camps, high rise public residential projects and industrial warehouses. He is also looking to get his licensure within 1-2 years.

He started @archlogbook to document what he learnt as a young architectural designer in the industry in the hope of bridging the gap of knowledge between architecture school and practice.

You can connect with Gabriel on LinkedIn or Instagram or hello@archlogbook.co

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ARCHLOGBOOK is happy to work with anyone interested in sharing content that enhances understanding and accelerates the design and practice of architecture. The people listed below have contributed to this platform and they have my appreciation.

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Content shared on this platform are for educational purposes based on my own personal experiences and learnings. Do consult your local building codes always as it will differ from country to country.

Use the content at your own risk. Enjoy learning!

You may also send me an email if there are any factual errors and/or spelling errors.

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