Donations / Sponsorships

Support The open learning of Young architects

ARCHLOGBOOK is self-started by me, Gabriel Chek, and bootstrapped - which means that there is no financial support from any large association and company. All costs are covered by my own pocket monthly.

The breakdown of costs goes something like this:

- Website domain & hosting (Namecheap) : $30 USD
- Email hosting (Google): $80 USD
- Podcast editing software (Descript/Riverside) $420 USD
- Website content management (Webflow) $300 USD

Total costs per year: about $850 USD

Any amount of monetary contributions will aid in the running of this platform and allow me to continue sharing content openly.


ARCHLOGBOOK is open to receive sponsorships at discretion.
Drop me an email and we can discuss we can work towards a win-win situation for all.

Example of ways that ALB can partner with you and your company:
- Affiliate marketing via review of products, software and services relating to architectural design & practice.
- Advertising via various channels (Blog posts banner/features 3K visits monthly, Instagram 20K followers, Email list of 1K subscribers, Ebooks, Telegram channel and YouTube)
- Content collaborations relating to architectural practice workflows, design methods, materials and specifications and sustainability.

Email me for collaborationsDonate via PayPal