About the Workshop

In this 1hr workshop video replay, I share more about the four aspects of your 'Architectural Flavour' - which emcompassess personal clarity, learning/design styles, passions/interests as well as skillsets/expertise.

Get ready to be more aware of what makes you, you!
Prepare some writing materials and a ready heart.

Workshop includes:
- Personality types & tests available
- Introversion vs Extraversion
- Learning Styles (Learning How You Learn)
- Design Styles (Starting Point, Process, Outcome)
- Skillsets (Generalist vs Specialist vs Hybrid)
- Technical & Soft Skills for Young Architects
- Levels of Competence
- 4 stages of Learning
- Finding your Passion
- The Difference between Passion and Interest
- Discovering what Excites You ...and more!

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for Architectural Students and Designers looking to gain clarity in their journey in architecture. Topics covered here will enable you to make better decisions for your career and education paths.

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Workshop price - SGD 39 (U.P - SGD 70)