Show Notes

In the inaugural episode of ARCHLOGBOOK Chats, I sit down with fellow content creator Seb from @thearchitorture and discuss about the following:

- Why Seb chose to work in Beijing

- Why Seb started thearchitorture

- Why I started ALB

- Why I am starting this podcast

- Why I am pivoting from free content vs paid content

- Tips on Working Culture for young architects

- What makes bad content?

- My love-hate relationship with Social media

- Why Gabriel hasn't been posting on ARCHLOGBOOK + his plans for 2022

Why you should listen

I‍f you are an architectural graduate starting out in the industry, this episode is for you.

We cover the unknown workplace tips, time management as well as content creation for young architectural designers.

About the show

ARCHLOGBOOK Chats is a brand new podcast where I, Gabriel Chek, sit down with architecture students, designers, practioners and academics to discuss the various challenges, acheivements and opportunities in the education and practice of Architecture.

If you would like to join me as a podcast guest, feel free to contact Gabriel at

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