Show Notes

Discover why and how Benjamin is passionate about mitigating the effects climate displacement through his architectural design projects.

In this episode:

- Ben's Thesis Project on mitigating effects from climate displacement in coastal settlements

- Common issues we see in various countries related to climate change (eg. Singapore as a coastal city)

- Various strategies to mitigate drainage/flood issues

- The search for sustainable building materials- Various aspects & indicators of sustainability

- Carbon reduction measures

- Changes in legislation on environmental sustainability for building projects

Bonus: Ben's advice for architectural graduates to create portfolios that has impact.

PSA: Due to some recording issues, you may see/hear us waiting for a few seconds before talking and not knowing that we're talking over each other due to lags.

Who Should Listen

If you are a young architectural designer and/or student interested in sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change, this episode is for you. We dive deep into the issues and how we can all start to address them.

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