Show Notes

Hear about Lara's story, an Architectural Designer based in Beirut, Lebanon as she recounts the events and work done after the massive explosion that shook the nation. She shares about the various challenges and opportunites that I am share we can relate to in such a situation.

In this episode:

- How do we design architecture not 'stuck in the past' but 'progressive yet not losing the essence of the past that we know and love'?

- Rebuilding the city of Beirut

- Housing design in Lebanon

- Adopting post Modernism vs rebuilding/preserving what was there

- Why architects should take a stand

- Architecture during a crisis, post-war

- Restoring a cultural identity through Architecture

- Designing from resilience

- A glimpse of how Singapore has attempted to retain and celebrate her unique architectural styles

- Lara's views on Architectural education in Lebanon and how it can improve.

- The problem with architectural education I see and how we can solve it.

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I‍f you are an architectural student or designer wanting to know more about the story of Architecture in Lebanon especially post crisis, you would want to tune in and learn more about what is done and what can be done.

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