Show Notes

Keen on learning more on content creation in architecture? You would want to tune in to this jam-packed episode with Omar, the founder of architea where we discussed the reasons why we both started and how we see the trends in this space will develop within the next years.

In this episode:

  • Why Omar started his platform architea, an architectural education and entertainment platform
  • Tips on creating effective infographics to express concepts and information
  • Creating various opportunities for income via e-courses and e-books on architectural content.
  • Omar's experience and reasons why he started a e course
  • Why I archived most of my posts on Instagram on ARCHLOGBOOK
  • How to get started in architecture content creation in 2022
  • Why we should all transition to video-centric content in 2022, instead of info graphics
  • Our thoughts on TikTok as a platform for content creation as young Architects.
  • Tips to get started being on camera, reframing nerves before recording.
  • Our views on taking breaks on content creation - why you can take a break, and why we believe that you do not need to post content everyday.
  • How to make ‘viral’ content?
  • Tips on content distribution through closed communities, email and telegram channels.

Who Should Listen

I‍f you are a budding content creator in architecture, especially educational content, this episode dives deep into how and why we do it.

Listen to this Podcast.

About The Show

ARCHLOGBOOK Chats is a brand new podcast where I, Gabriel Chek, sit down with architecture students, designers, practitioners and academics to discuss the various challenges, acheivements and opportunities in the education and practice of Architecture.  

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