Keyboard shortcuts are essential for productive workflows and is my secret weapon to have more time to do more important work and for myself.

In this post, I share some of the best keyboard shortcuts for Revit and Rhino.

Some of these keyboard shortcuts are my own - use the keyboard shortcuts alias manager to set up your own to follow mine.


WA - Wall
DR - Door
WN - Window

MV - Move
CO - Copy
TR - Trim
AL - Align
RO - Rotate
DM - Mirror over line drawn
MM - Mirror over existing line/element
SC - Scale
CV* - Paste aligned to current view
MA - Match Properties
SL - Split Element/Line


DL - Detail Line

DI - Dimension

TX - Text

KN - Keynote

ME - Measure


LW - Linework

VE* - Override visibility & graphics by element

VV - Override visibility & graphics

TL - Thin Lines

EU - Unhide Element

VH - Hide Category

VU - Unhide Category

VR - View Range

3D - View 3D

ML - Manage Links
KS - Keyboard Shortcuts

* - not default shortcuts, assign them under ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’


Time-tested most commonly used commands -

Import them using the file download here!

CO = Copy
DU = Duplicate
G = Group
L  = Line
H = Hide
UH = Show Hidden
PL = Polyline
PS = PlanarSrf
GU = Toggle Gumball
IH = Invert Selection and Hide
DI = Distance
MA = Match Properties
VL = Vertical Line
CL = Set Layer To Selected Object
EX = Extend
OL = Offset
OS = Offset Surface
SC1 = Scale 1D
SC = Scale (3D)
ES = Extract Srf
DB = Duplicate Border
DE = Duplicate Edge
TR = Trim
OF = Offset Surface
CB  =Curve Boolean
PrintPreview = Toggle Print Preview


DCP = Make 2D for Section (see hacks below)
Perspective = Go to Perspective view (see hacks below)

To activate the following hacks, either create an alias or copy and paste this in the command bar and hit enter.

Go to Perspective view: (alias PERSPECTIVE)

! _SetView _World _Perspective _CPlane _World _Top

Make2D for section: (alias DCP)

(to create a 2D section drawing of the 3D model)

! _Select _Pause _CPlane _Object _SetView _CPlane _Bottom -ViewportProperties _Projection _Parallel EnterEnd _Make2D

Axo script: 
(to distort the 3D model and create a axonometric view for easy drawing)

! _Select _Pause _SetActiveViewport Top _Rotate 0 45 _SetActiveViewport Right _Shear w0 w0,0,1 -45 _SetActiveViewport Top _Zoom _All _Extents


Point, Curve, Surface, Polysurface, Mesh
Know the difference in the data types and modelling will be a breeze 

Aliases are your best friends
Seek out the command list and create your own. Who knows, you might stumble upon a lifesaver!

This will allow you to adjust display modes for selected objects.
Best use: Put all glass in a layer, then use the command and set to ‘Ghosted’

Smart-track and Smart Ortho
Highly recommended for efficient and accurate modelling. Find it under ‘Options’.

Did I miss any shortcut out?

Let me know in the comments below!