Show Notes

In this episode of ARCHLOGBOOK Chats, Shreya and I discussed about the following:

- Her experience working on government defence building projects

- Education experience during COVID

- Whether Shreya prefers to work on her school projects and have lectures online or in-person

- Stepping out of our comfort zones as 'introverted' architectural designers

- Reframing failure

- Her views on architectural education on what she thinks the pathway from a graduate student to a professor needs to improve.

- Advice for architecture students who gets 'bad personal unconstructive comments' by jurors during studio crits

- Why introversion may not be such a bad thing for young architects, but also how we can adapt to the extroverted side of architectural education and practice.

Shreya is an architectural student based in India where she has also recently completed her mid-term internship and is continuing her studies.

Why you should listen

I was so inspired after hearing her story of how she is stepping out of her comfort zones and being more vocal in studio as an self proclaimed introvert. I am sure that you will be inspired to do the same after watching/hearing this episode.

About the show

ARCHLOGBOOK Chats is a brand new podcast where I, Gabriel Chek, sit down with architecture students, designers, practitioners and academics to discuss the various challenges, acheivements and opportunities in the education and practice ofArchitecture.

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