About This Episode

Online learning is becoming increasingly relevant for young architects looking to improve their design and practice skills in architecture. As the gap between school and practice widens, e-course platforms such as Eduwik, Skillshare and Youtube become complementary ways to learn.  

In this episode, I discuss with Vikas Pawar, founder of the global architecture platform Rethinking the Future and Eduwik (an e-course platform for young architects) about this opportunity and how we see education and practice of architecture progress in the next few years to come.

We also gave advice about how you can also start similiar learning and content platforms like ARCHLOGBOOK and Eduwik.

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Show Notes

- [00:59] Introducing Vikas

- [01:45] Why Vikas started Rethinking the Future (RTF), an architecture journalism platform

- [09:45] Why Vikas started new e-learning platform Eduwik

- [16:49] Why video is the next best format to share concepts and ideas

- [18:57] Why I recommend you should check out Eduwik's new student e-course bundle

- [22:35] Why I believe online learning and more technical e-courses are needed

- [24:10]  How do we get started to create an online presence as young architects via content creation/ creating e-courses?

- [30:05] Importance of understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to name your projects for visibility on online platforms.

- [33:55] What I believe is the number one reason why we hesitate to work on projects, side hustles and tend to procrastinate.

- [34:49] How you can send and get published on Rethinking The Future

- [36:45] Where Vikas sees RTF and Eduwik heading towards in 5-10 years time.

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About Vikas

Vikas Pawar is an Indian Architect & Urban Designer, studied at School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi.

He has been speaker at TEDx Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata and TEDx PEC, Chandigarh.In 2012, He founded Re-thinking The Future, with the idea to create a new window on international trends in architecture and design that looks on to the solutions for the present day problems facing the domain.

His project ‘Eco-Skyscraper’ has been exhibited and published in several magazines. He has been awarded “Innovative Concept Design Award 2010” for his innovations in Sustainable Design for “District Centre at New Delhi”. He received the Honourable Mention for his ‘Science Centre’ at Spotlight 2010.He's also the founder of Eduwik - an online learning platform for creative professionals offering self paced audio and video courses.

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