About This Episode

If you're a architectural designer looking to start your own side projects, create content and document your architecture journey to share online, this episode is for you.

I chat with Baran, the content creator behind Arkitolks and asked him about his journey into content creation as well as many other topics.

We also share inspiring anecdotes based on our personal experiences on own platforms like ARCHLOGBOOK and Arkitolks.

Show notes are below.

Show Notes

Timestamps link to Youtube Video

[1:21] - Baran's Architecture journey
[3:13] - Working with engineers (like Baran and his father)
[10:37] - Why Baran started his content platform Arkitolks and lessons learnt along the way
[15:40] - My journey starting ARCHLOGBOOK & new vision for the platform
[18:44] - Discovering what you can do in the world (Concept of Ikigai)
[20:21] - The story behind the name Arkitolks (with an 'O')
[22:53] - The rise of authentic long-form video content on social media
[26:38] - Why I believe IG Reels is the best form of content to focus on now
[35:31] - Baran's advice to young architectural graduates starting out in the industry
[39:59] - Why I believe you should work on side projects apart from having a day job

Baran Demir is a freelance architect and film-maker who graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology in the Department of Architecture. He also runs the platform Arkitolks on Instagram where he documents and shares about his journey.

Follow Baran:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkitolks/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baran-demir-arch/

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