About This Episode

If you're a fresh architecture graduate looking to bridge your gap in education vs practice - this episode is for you!

I chat with Chris Simmons who started his own mentoring platform called Architect's Instruction and discussed how we can do so.

We also discussed on how architects in the field can also contribute by providing access to on the job work processes and shared more about the realities of working in this industry, with the changing role of the Architect.

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Show Notes

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In this episode:

[0:59] - Chris' background & why he started Architect's Instruction, an architecture online mentoring and education platform
[9:20] - Why I find many architects only share project wins and completions instead of the journey through the projects & how we can start to share more about our processes and tools to articulate our value
[12:54] - The question that many young architecture graduates ask Chris during his mentoring sessions
[18:08] - Why do we need to bridge the between architecture education and practice - are we helping young graduates entering firms with 0-3 years experience?
[21:51] - My thoughts on why many of young architectural designers are considering to leave within 0-3 years of working in the industry
[24:31] - Top reasons why young architectural designers leave in industry
[25:00] - The changing role of Architects and how we can adapt
[27:00] - Why Architects are not paid enough (did we dig our own grave?)
[33:06] - Should we architects continue to delegate risk as our workload become more and more difficult to handle? (Hint: Architects used to take on project management roles...)
[37:40] - Creating our own architecture DNA based on our experiences, interests and skills
[38:42] - What we both believe should never change in Architectural Education
[40:18] - Bridging the disconnect between Education and practice (again)
[44:51] - Why is it important to have good mentors from 0-3 years of practice experience
[48:34] - Why and how to ask questions to your supervisor/mentors at work (Hint: do not come empty handed)
[50:35] - Key advice for young architecture designers from Chris

Chris Simmons is an Architect, Illustrator and Educator based in the UK.

He is also Associate Director at a large London Architecture Practice and founder of Architects Instruction, a platform Architecture Students and Young Architects looking to progress their careers. He is passionate about mentoring in Architecture and has worked with a number of universities and charities mentoring students. He is also an advocate for the importance of hand drawing in Architecture.

Follow Chris:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrissimmons0/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrissimm...

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