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Looking to showcase your portfolios to your prospective employers? Want to have an easier way to create and upkeep your project showcase online? If yes, watch this episode of the ALB Chats podcast.

I chat with Jacek Urbanowicz, Melbourne-based, design technology specialist and registered architect on why and how our architectural industry can transform the way graduates and mid-career architects create and upkeep their portfolios and allow for equitable ways for firms to hire the right talents.

Jacek is also the founder of architecture portfolio platform, tunarch.org, where he aims to establish a easier way to help firms and clients find the right designers through the contents of their work.

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Show Notes

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In this episode:

[01:48] - Jacek's journey in architecture and his current work in computational design.
[13:44] - The main driving force for Jacek for his choice to explore various typologies and methods of design.
[19:50] - Technology will drive architecture design and practice forward (it will be a sink or swim situation for architects, will you adapt or resist?)
[21:32] - How Jacek sees a future way of practicing architecture with data-driven design principles and methodology
[24:05] - How we see the role of the Architect changing in the next 5-10 years
[28:40] - PSA: We need to adapt as Architects.
[32:00] - What Jacek's architecture portfolio platform Tunarch.org is about and who is it for?
[35:50] - Why did Jacek start Tunarch.org?
[47:21] - Jacek's advice to young architectural designers just starting out.

Jacek is a Melbourne-based, design technology specialist and registered architect with almost a decade of professional experience. He works on computational design and building envelope development involving a-z coordination process and documentation.He graduated from Poznan University of Technology, Poland and gained initial experience in Barcelona, Beirut and Shanghai.

He previously worked at Bates Smart Melbourne office and currently at COX Architecture leading significant, large-scale projects.

Jacek is also developing a design portfolio management platform - tunarch.org - aiming to help clients find the right designers through the contents of their work.

Learn more and join his platform at https://tunarch.org.

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