If you are looking for architecture education content platforms to improve your design skills and learn practice-related topics to accelerate your growth in practice, you will want to check out Eduwik.

I have had the privilege to check out the paid content available for 2 weeks and I will share what I really love about the platform and why I believe you should consider investing in growing your architectural knowledge.

In this post I will share on the following:

  • What is Eduwik?
  • Online courses available
  • What to expect
  • Recommended courses
  • My thoughts on the platform
  • Special announcement (10% off!)

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Note that this post was written with collaboration with Eduwik but my review is unbiased.

All links to purchase the courses here are affiliate links, where you can get 10% off while I will receive a commission. A win-win situation for you and me.

What is Eduwik?

Eduwik is hosting the most engaging online courses for Architects and Designers mentored by experts in the field. It is the fastest-growing platform for creative professionals around the world where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses with Eduwik. It’s a sister company of world renowned platform Rethinking The Future (RTF) for architects and designers.

The platform aims to be the one stop destination for the learning and improving skills for creative community.

Eduwik has been working closely with the young professionals in various diversified fields to make them future proof through well researched courses in video and audio format.  

Each course at Eduwik is developed in-house, to ensure a high-quality online learning experience for everyone after months of thorough research & through extensive discussions with mentors, academicians and practitioners in different fields, the courses are designed to convey in depth information in the minimum possible time!

Each course is run through many trials to ensure that they are very easy to consume and keep the students hooked till the last lesson.

Eduwik also invites content creators and mentors to share their knowledge and promote your creative work, by submitting at this link.

What to expect

Eduwik’s video courses are series of online videos that provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to get perfection in any particular subject.

Each video is curated with focus on providing more information in less time engaging with the students. Eduwik’s courses also allow you to download reference materials that helps you with the subject and provides you tools to use for lifetime.

The course is 100% online, so once they are published, courses start and finish whenever you want. You set the pace of the class. You can go back to review what interests you most and skip what you already know, ask questions, answer questions, or quizzes, and more.

Video course interface - Eduwik

The courses are divided into different units, each one includes episodes, informational texts, quizzes and guiding tools to help you get the mastery over the subject of study, with additional complementary resources and downloads.

You’ll get your personal certificate as soon as you complete the course. You can download your certificates in PDF and share the link online.

I found the lessons and quizzes highly engaging and progressive. The videos are short enough (max 10min) to retain your attention and the quizzes interspersed between the lessons will test our learning - effective in ensuring we can take away important concepts and knowledge to improve the way we design and practice architecture.

Quiz interface - Eduwik

Even as a practicing architectural designer, I found the topics interesting and wished I learn them earlier. Thus, if you are a student - do not miss out the opportunity to learn at your own pace online at such an affordable price.

Recommended Courses

Below is a list of courses that I recommend, including the Advanced Architecture Student Bundle.

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1) Complete Guide to Dissertation Writing

Complete Guide to Dissertation Writing (credit: Eduwik)

Learn from the basics of choosing a topic to how to proceed with a successful dissertation.

You will learn what research methodology to choose for your case and how to complete your research.

  • 97% Positive Reviews
  • 1968 Students Enrolled
  • 13 Video Lessons
  • 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • 10 Interactive quizzes
  • 14 Additional Resources

I really loved how succinct and actionable steps you can take to improve your dissertation.

I recommend this course for students in their masters preparing their dissertation.

(Price: Get 1 year access at $49 USD before 10% discount (affiliate link) or lifetime access with the The Architecture Program Bundle)

2) Passive Design Strategies

Passive Design Strategies (credit: Eduwik)

Learn how to design energy efficient buildings with passive technologies.

This course will walk you through every step of a passive design, and tell you in detail how to go about it.

Right from understanding the climatic zones, features of passive design, how to integrate this in buildings and at an urban scale, the course has everything covered for you.

I took this course during my demo period so I can attest to the level of detail and actionable concepts to design better buildings.

  • 98% Positive Reviews
  • 2365 Students Enrolled
  • 20 Video Lessons
  • 3 Hours 15 Minutes
  • 18 Interactive quizzes

(Price: 1 year access at $49 USD before 10% discount (affiliate link) or lifetime access with the The Architecture Program Bundle)

3) How To Design Architecture Portfolio

How To Design An Architecture Portfolio (Credit: Eduwik)

Get ready to take your architecture & design portfolio to the next level!

With Eduwik's interactive video lessons, you will be able to take the various concepts in preparing the best portfolio and cover letter for you to land your dream job.

You will be able to learn how to choose projects to feature, typography & layout basics, cover letter writing as well as print design.

  • 97% Positive Reviews
  • 2838 Students Enrolled
  • 19 Video Lessons
  • 2 Hours 05 Minutes
  • 12 Interactive quizzes
  • 14 Additional Resources
  • Online at your pace

(Price: Get 1 year access at $49 USD before 10% discount (affiliate link) or lifetime access with the The Architecture Program Bundle)

4) Introduction to Skyscraper Design

Introduction to Skyscraper Design (credit: Eduwik)

Want to understand & design the most mesmerizing towers & skyscrapers of your city?

Check out their course on Skyscraper Design.

You will learn everything from the history of high rise buildings to current technology and trends for skyscrapers. The course will discuss structural systems, sustainability & building norms and some great case studies too!

  • 98% Positive Reviews
  • 2138 Students Enrolled
  • 26 Video Lessons
  • 3 Hours 45 Minutes
  • 8 Interactive quizzes
  • 15 Additional Resources

(Price: Get 1 year access at $49 USD before 10% discount (affiliate link) or lifetime access with the The Architecture Program Bundle)

5) The Advanced Architecture Program Bundle

The Advanced Architecture Program Bundle (credit: Eduwik)

If you are looking for holistic learning, I recommend you check out Eduwik's Student Bundle - a complete package of 15 courses for students of Architecture to improve their skills, design abilities and further help them with their careers.

These include all of the courses mentioned for lifetime access.

With Advanced Architecture Program for Students, everything is covered like:

- How to build your Architecture Portfolio?
- How to Ace your Design Jury?
- How to land your first Internship & Job in desired Architecture/ Design Office?
- Ultimate Architecture Thesis Guide - How to start and finish a complete project?
- Guide to Choose Your Masters after Architecture and How to Apply for it?
- How to choose from different career options after Architecture?
- How to Present Your work in front of people?
- Design Specialisations in more than 6 fields!
And a lot more!

Some of the courses bundled in the Advanced Architecture Program
  • 99% Positive Reviews
  • 4654 Students Enrolled
  • 15 Specializations
  • 42 Hours of Content
  • 310 Video Lessons
  • 100+ Additional Resources
  • Online at your pace

Get 10% off lifetime access with the The Architecture Program Bundle

My thoughts on Eduwik

Overall, the platform promises highly interactive video lessons and quizzes to enhance and accelerate your learning. And it delivers. I wish I had access to such a platform to learn more about the design and practice of architecture earlier.

I highly recommend you to purchase their student bundle courses as it high value for money.

But if you are not sure about whether you can commit to invest in your learning or want to learn a particular topic, you can also purchase the course as a one-off.

If you do purchase the courses as a standalone, just note that these courses are 1 year access.

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